Three Really Big Environmental Problems of Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is the second largest industry responsible for the mass pollution of our planet. But, while only second to the oil industry, the environmental consequences of fast fashion are rarely discussed. A quarter of the world’s chemicals are used for textile production and around 10% of the world’s global carbon emissions are a result of the fashion and textile industry. Characterised by its short production cycles, low costs and high demand, fast fashion generates waste and pollution in every step of the process. From the very beginning when pesticides are used on cotton farms, right until after the clothing has been worn, used and thrown away.   Paradoxically, the fast fashion industry has been enjoying huge amounts of economic success. Earlier this year, the global fashion market was valued at nearly $1.4 trillion US dollars. By 2020, it is expected to reach $1.65 trillion. If this happens, it will see a jaw-dropping increase of 60% in market size since 2011. T

The Human Cost of the Fast Fashion Industry

Fashion is incredible. It is seen as a form of self-expression, allowing us to become whoever we want to be. It can be fun and experimental. It can bring people together. It can talk without saying a word. Whether bold and bright or strict and serious, our clothes communicate who we are to everyone that we pass by. They are our chosen skin. The rise of the fast fashion industry has made having bag loads of style affordable and accessible to everyone. Characterised by its short production cycles, a rapid supply chain and low prices fuelled by our demand and desire, fast fashion is one of the most lucrative and profitable industries in the world. What was once limited to two luxury seasons a year has now been transformed into an on-going cycle of new trends released every week. The growth of industry allows us to feel like Kate Moss while only spending a fraction of the price on the high street. In short, every Brit now gets to experience that sweet style buzz of buying some